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Magazine Publication

The Magazine Publication course is designed to introduce students to magazine feature, news and opinion writing and the various phases of magazine production. Over the course of the semester you and your fellow classmates will participate as staff members on the university's award-winning general news magazine, The Signal Relay. The staff will be responsible for coming up with story ideas, writing the articles, copy editing the material, taking the photographs, shooting and editing video, designing the pages and recruiting advertisers.

During the course of the semester, you will strengthen your visual, writing and editing communication skills while gaining a solid understanding of magazine production, a technique closely related to other media applications, such as the production of newsletters, brochures, annual reports, etc. The expertise you acquire in this class should enhance your professional potential in the media industry.

As a student in the class, you will become part of the editorial staff of the magazine, taking the position of editor, designer and/or reporter, as well as copy editor, advertising representative, photographer or videographer. The course will include lectures on writing style, story structure and production applications; workshop sessions will be held in design, page planning and copy editing. Each student will produce three major projects for inclusion in the magazine. Class assignments will include: one short and one in-depth article suitable for publication, and one visual project (video, slideshow or ad design). Photographs, graphics and other design elements will also be distributed among the staff as content dictates. Every student will contribute to story ideas and provide input toward the content of the magazine.