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Media Production

Media Production is designed to introduce you to the various phases of newspaper publishing including fact gathering, journalistic writing, copy editing, cutline writing, headline writing, photography, design, advertising sales and circulation.  A series of lectures on these topics held early in the semester will help you with the basic techniques.  But your real learning will take place on the job as you produce six issues of the university newspaper, The Signal.

You will be responsible for all phases of The Signal’s production.  You will select the stories to be covered, write the articles, copy edit the content, take the photographs, design the paper and its cover, take the  camera-ready proofs to the printer, circulate the issues when they arrive, and sell advertising to support publication.  The Signal now belongs to you.

Each person in the class will be assigned an editorial position, according to skill and preference.  Positions available include:  editor, assistant editor, design editor, assistant design editor, reporter, photographer, web master and videographer.  Staff members also take turns copy editing the newspaper.

The Signal Handbook is designed to help you fulfill your role on the staff.  It contains information about newsroom procedures and rules, submission guidelines, style guidelines, story guidelines, photographer guidelines, graphic guidelines, and advertising guidelines.  It also includes sections on media law and ethics as well as the shared governance process at UHCL.